Best RP moments?

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by RaisRyhas, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. RaisRyhas

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    What were some of the best moments you've had in a roleplay that you've been in?
  2. Mors0

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    Specially the bad RP ones
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  3. Birdosaurcluse

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    it was when ten people all crowded around a bleeding to death hylotl who needed urgent medical attention, and my twinky hylotl surgeon char couldnt get anyone to listen when he tried to save them.

    eventually did with ooc intervention. was fun tho. 10/10
  4. Max Bacon

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    When Bacon was born and the universe was created. :3
  5. Lord Bobster

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    when my character played along with an evil guy until my char and the evil guy had to make a deal to kill lots of innocent people, but as i was going in for the handshake, instead of grabbing his hand, i grabbed his wrist and then slammed him into a table behfore throwing off the airship we were on
    in case you misuderstood in what way i slammed hhim heres a video that shows how

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