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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by Lief, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Lief

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    Dunno if you guys realize this, but if you post a thread in ban appeals or player reports then you can see at the bottom of the thread other people who have made ban appeals or reports. Just wondering if this was intentional because anyone can see who has made a player report or an appeal. o/

    EDIT: Dunno if this was in the right section or not. I just decided to put it in feedback

    Example: {retradacted for privacy}

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  2. Lachee

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    Max Bacon, this needs attention ASAP

    Thanks Lief :)
  3. Max Bacon

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    If i understand this right it displayed other player threads on the Server Requests via the Similar Threads Box.
    If so, this should be fixed now and the functionality will no longer work, please update back on this.
  4. Lief

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    Dont see it anymore, good job ; )

    EDIT: also kek, censored my censored picture XD
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