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  1. MrBolotinha

    MrBolotinha Fresh Raw Bacon

    BCash: ß 500
    How i get badges here ?
  2. Vagak

    Vagak Cooked Bacon

    BCash: ß 400
    On the top of the page, near your profile, mouseover the Badges thing, and then click Badges in the dropdown.


    There, you can get an idea on how to get the badges there. Be sure to be constructive while aiming to get them!

    The badges that can give more points are the bSports related ones. You use the bCash you have to bet on which person you feel is going to going to win in a PVP match.

    I should probably point out that this isn't entirely a Starbound related issue, by the way. Next time when asking about the forum, you'd be posting here instead.
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