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Discussion in 'Artists Corner' started by Raudhr, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Raudhr

    Raudhr Greasy Bacon

    BCash: ß 500
    Thank you all !
    Here's a random doodle done this morning. [​IMG]
  2. Epic_Yoskey

    Epic_Yoskey Cooked Bacon

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    i'm actually shocked.
    so talented and anyone that thinks otherwise-
    well that that's your opinion, what? you thought i was going to say something like they should die or something? I mean seriously. who does that? who is like "if you dont like this thing i like you should die" i mean that's just stupid-
    *ahem* sorry i was getting a bit sidetracked...
    where was i?
    *scrolls up*
    oh yeah
    what i'm trying to say is. Man you're talented and keep up the great work. And anyone who thinks otherwise should better give a good reason why they don't like it PERIOD.
    heh see how i actually said PERIOD instead of actually putting a period there even though i put a period after the word perio-
    ok i'm gonna leave now...
  3. Raudhr

    Raudhr Greasy Bacon

    BCash: ß 500
    Epic_Yoskey > Thanks a lot for all the compliments, I am very happy that you like my work !!

    Hi, I saw some dust on this topic again, so time to give a little breath of life with an update.
    You'll have here 3 illustrations, one being Halloween themed that I finished today, and the last one being a design commission for a customer.



  4. Earthquake

    Earthquake Sizzling Bacon Official ILB RP

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    Winged snake kid with cybernetics, nice. Someone wants a fancy RP char :D

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