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  1. Blue Horizon
    "super shitty"
    Pros - there are none
    Cons - everything is a god damn failure the box doesnt work the blocks dont work just nothing works
    the mod doesnt work in general please fix it and if i try the box what button is it?!?!?!?
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    1. Silverfeelin
      If you're not going to read the installation and usage instructions before being an arrogant prick, I don't feel any need to help you. GitHub contains everything you need.
  2. specail1nitrogen
    "not the most useful in some circumstance"
    Pros - only 11% of content work
    Cons - the rest just spawn bunch of dirt
    it spawn bunch of dirt
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    1. Silverfeelin
      The dirt blocks (in paste, fill and other similar actions) are placeholders, to work around the issues described here:

      These blocks are removed automatically when the operation finishes. If anything is going wrong you'll have to describe what you're doing instead of telling me nothing works.
  3. Louie the Jolteon
    "Great mod! It can remove literally anything."
    This is definitely one of my favorite mods to build with! Only problem is that it messes with an infinite multi-jump mod I had installed. Other than that, I recommend this mod.
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