Mod Stored Outfits

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  1. Jack Pugsley
    "Nice Concept and Execution"
    Pros - It allows you to take up less inventory space for your costumes and you can change in an instant.
    Cons - No cons that I've noticed. I just wish you could turn an outfit back into its regular stAte.
    This mod helps rpm when you want to disguise yourself or when you're doing anything that has to do with a quick clothing swap.
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    1. Silverfeelin
      To get the items back, simply use the outfit item and then un-equip the outfit like normal!
  2. ICDeadPixels
    "A Dream Come True"
    Pros - Store entire outfits efficiently.
    Quickly switch between outfits effortlessly.
    1 item instead of 2-4
    Encryption tied to each unique user (if enabled)
    Let it be known that SilverFeelin delivers. When I first requested this mod I was looking for something simple just to change and store costumes quickly. Not only has he gone above and beyond in that regard, but with the added protection (if used) you can rest assured that nobody else will be stealing your outfits if you store them away. If you find yourself regularly changing outfits and you're tired of standing around slowly moving piece by piece then this mod is everything you want and more. Absolutely perfect. 5/5
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