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  1. Anella
    "my favourite mod of all time!"
    Pros - i can stored my outfit i love
    Cons - 1.3.2 cant use it anymore :(
    i have alot of stored outfit and i want it back but when i use stored outfit nothing happen my outfit just stuck in there ;-;
  2. DarkSeba
    "The mod is great... But..."
    Pros - You can save your things on it.
    Cons - Since 1.3 it doesn't work to me...
    Well. Since my starbound updated to 1.3 the mod doesn't work. I have the items and all but them doesn't work.

    Help :C

    Edit: I have the latest version of the mod.
    1. Silverfeelin
      Maybe you have another mod with an outdated version of the ItemInterfaces mod? Could you check your log for any errors?
  3. specail1nitrogen
    ""Useful for roleplaying" -Nitro2017"
    Pros - good ดี
    Cons - it require a certain tech มันต้อง ไช้ฃองบางยาง
    Useful for roleplaying esspicaly when it needed to change clothing
    เวลา ชุกเชิน
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