Tool Starcheat [Starbound 1.3]

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  • Starcheat is a Starbound player save editor, you can get free pixels with this! (omg)

    :note: Main download is 64bit, Win32it download here and OSX here. (until official release linux and osx downloads are down)

    To Install: Extract the contents to a folder & run starcheat.exe
    Support? Click on the Discuss Tab for help

    Due to recent incidents:
    iLoveBacons is not a official platform for Starcheat. It is instead just a release mirror for our community as a convince method. If you feel like you are only going to participate in this community just to get this mod, you might as well just download it from StarCheat directly at

    However, if you wish to join the tastiest starbound server out there and join our amazing community off moders, feel free to sign up and gain access to all our mirrors of multiplayer friendly mods and tools! See you around :)
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Recent User Reviews

  1. jamesbutina11
    "starcheat not working"
    the code execution cannot proceed because python34.dllll was not found
    (that is all it does ive used star cheat before but never had this problem)
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  2. Germanwolf10
    "Doesnt work"
    I downloadet it and when i start it it crash instant and i cant use it..
  3. iKurolol
    "Excellent, just what I was looking for!"
    Working as intended.