Tool Starcheat [Starbound 1.2]

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  • Starcheat is a Starbound player save editor, you can get free pixels with this! (omg)

    :note: Main download is 64bit, Win32it download here and OSX here. (until official release linux and osx downloads are down)

    To Install: Extract the contents to a folder & run starcheat.exe
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  1. Roland865445
    "It is a masterpiece!!!"
    Pros - It is a masterpiece!!!It is a masterpiece!!!
    Cons - no
    Это шедевр !!! It has long been looking for it, and that's found, it remains only to download.
  2. Keyo12
    "I don't understand"
    I don't understand much of it...
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  3. Oni San
    Pros - Good shit
    Cons - So good its a fault
    Yum!:happyblush:happyblush:happyblush:happyblush:happyblush this app is so simple and the gui is quite inquisitive I'm really quite impressed.