Tool Starcheat [Starbound 1.2]

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  • Starcheat is a Starbound player save editor, you can get free pixels with this! (omg)

    :note: Main download is 64bit, Win32it download here and OSX here. (until official release linux and osx downloads are down)

    To Install: Extract the contents to a folder & run starcheat.exe
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  1. CronusAK
    "Simple and effective"
    Just as the title says, simple tool to use and it does what it says itll do.
  2. AsteroidX
    "it does not read my players gets stuck on"
    Pros - .....doesent work o-o
    Cons - does not detect your players and it crashes at 66 persent
    as i sayed above... nothing more...
    unless im doing something worng here... then i would facepalm SO HARD...
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    1. Max Bacon
      This version of Starcheat does work. It is not fully stable so due that especially if you have modded players it will crash during startup.
  3. Drake Steele
    "NIce, but missing one thing..."
    Pros - It has a great set of functions... pretty much all-inclusive, feature-wise, except one that causes issues... and that is...
    Cons - does not find Workshop mods. So it catalogues and uses assets from mods in the standard mods folder, but any you've installed through workshop get ignored, and those assets show up as blank tiles or not at all.
    See above. Apart from the one terrible missing thing... It is socomprehensive, I feel bad saying that it needs a good deal of work, does.

    All things considered, though, still, thank you for the software, and the hard work that obviously went into coding it. :)

    - Drake.