Mod Spawnable Item Pack

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  1. Papa John
    "Mod of The Year"
    Pros - Great for uh... spawning stuff
    Cons - The hell is a con again?
    I use this mod a lot, great as opposed to leaving ILB, going into singleplayer, spawning the item with commands, and coming back in
  2. Caboodilacious
    "A Must-Have!"
    Pros - + Spawning items for building
    +Spawning items for clothing
    +Spawning items to save time
    +Spawning unobtainable items
    +Easy to use
    Cons - -Cant spawn weapons that are OP
    -Random common/uncommon/rare weapons are extremely hard to get right
    -Can't control a weapon's elemental attacks
    A must have for people who want a casual playthrough/doesn't have the time to grind/Making a character for RP!

    The interface makes it easy to find what you're looking for, especially with the search bar.

    Plus you can skip that damned core fragment quest with it!
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  3. Pearlpea
    "Excellent Mod!"
    Pros - Has everything you need to build something awesome
    Useful if you need a lot of blocks quickly.
    Great for decorating rooms!
    Cons - I think you fixed them all Silver..
    I use this mod all the time when I'm not doing story mode. Has excellent features, is nice and organized, very easy to use, and well done.

    This is probably one of my most used mods. Thanks for making it
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