Mod Spawnable Item Pack

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  1. Pearlpea
    "Excellent Mod!"
    Pros - Has everything you need to build something awesome
    Useful if you need a lot of blocks quickly.
    Great for decorating rooms!
    Cons - I think you fixed them all Silver..
    I use this mod all the time when I'm not doing story mode. Has excellent features, is nice and organized, very easy to use, and well done.

    This is probably one of my most used mods. Thanks for making it
  2. firechicken23
    Pros - building is a dream

    no more quitting out of the game or complicated commands
    Cons - cant get it to work with the new release
    its a great mod, unparalleled in its usefulness.
    1. Silverfeelin
      Please use the discussion thread for issues. Version 1.3.2 uses Quickbar Mini instead of Manipulated UI. You can still use the older version if you want.
  3. Don Falco
    Especially when you need building blocks on the go!
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