Mod RexmecK Item Editor (Ported to Quickbar Mini)

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  • <Terms of Agreement>
    1. This Masterpiece isn't a Masterpiece. if you want to call it a Masterpiece then it is.
    2. The Editor itself allows item editing in-game but compared to starcheat, The in-game one is limited so don't blame.
    3. Do not use it against others or malicious act of usage (example: inappropriate kind or exploiting or maliciously related.)
    4. If you want to modify the lua script and redistribute it. DON'T. Unless RexmecK has given a permission.
    6. The item will be scanned on your hands and not supposed to scan others disallowed.

    Introduction To RexmecK Item Editor Beta.
    A experimental item editor for multiplayer modders
    would benifit from editing item quicker than StarCheat.
    Although this tool isn't a StarCheat killer,
    it has some limitations which couldn't cover some inspired feature from it.

    - Starbound (1.3.2)

    - Quickbar-Mini :
    - ManipulatedUI.pak (obsolete)

    - A character for modding

    <Installation and instructions>
    - Go to /Starbound/mods/
    - Extract 'Rexmeck Item Editor.pak' from .zip to /Starbound/mods/
    - Launch in Starbound
    - Open Quickbar
    - Click RexmecK Item Editor

    Video if you don't know what are you doing:

    - Reno : For the Recommended Regex
    - Silverfeelin : ManipulatedUI/Quickbar Mini
    - 0x00FF00 : Cheerleading.
    - Xyendo : Advise master.

    Ported to Quickbar Mini
  • Q: Will it blend?
    A: Yes.

    Q: where can i get soem free pixels?
    A: Next to count, Put the amount you want. Next to count number box, type money then save.

    Q: My editor is not working!
    A: This may be a bug. Check your starbound.log for crashes. Report them into the discussion thread.

    Q: I can't see my Item Editor button in ManipulatedUI/Quickbar!
    A: Make sure you have properly read the Installation and instruction.

    Q: how do i open it
    A: In-game, Click Manipulator Upgrades/Quickbar then click RexmecK Item Editor. If There's no RexmecK Item Editor showing up in Manipulator Upgrades/Quickbar make sure you have properly installed it.

    Q: Why not upload it to steam version?
    A: Its currently in Beta for ILB LV2+ Users exclusives. Once it gets out of beta.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Isbjörn
    "A Must Have"
    Pros - Ingame Editing/Item Spawning/Recoloring
    Easy to use with a basic regard for LUA
    Cons - Having to click on something to edit a line is annoying to me.
    Copy Pasting JSON code doesn't always work but that's an SB side issue I think.
    I don't know how I survived before without this mod.
  2. BobXilla
    "Love Rexmech,Dosnt work for Quickbar for me."
    Pros - ITs freakin Rexmech. Is that not good enough?
    Cons - It wont Pop up in Quickbar
    I went over it a few times. I extracted Rexmech to Mods, And it wont work.
    The ManipUI version worked perfectly fine, And I love it. I'm happy that I now also have This mod with Quickbar, Once I can get it working d:
    1. R3E3
      Uninstall ManipulatedUI if you have quickbar installed.
  3. Jim Balton III
    "New problem ;-;"
    Pros - Totally amazing
    Can't live without it
    Cons - Manipulated UI doesn't support Spawnable Item Pack or Wardrobe mods anymore
    I can't do both of them anymore
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