Mod RexmecK Item Editor Open Beta 3

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  • Introduction To RexmecK Item Editor Open Beta.
    A experimental item editor for multiplayer modders
    would benifit from editing item quicker than StarCheat.
    Although this tool isn't a StarCheat killer,
    it has some limitations which couldn't cover some inspired feature from it.

    <Terms of Agreement>
    1. This Masterpiece isn't a Masterpiece. if you want to call it a Masterpiece then it is.
    2. The Editor itself allows item editing in-game but compared to starcheat, The in-game one is limited so don't blame.
    3. Do not use it against others or malicious act of usage (example: inappropriate kind or exploiting or maliciously related.)
    4. Attempting to change some files to the mod might trigger a auto-lock. (Except png for custom themes.)
    5. If you want to modify the lua script and redistribute it. DON'T. Unless RexmecK has given a permission.
    6. This UI is key controlled. RexmecK or given others will have the key to disable your ui for a specified reason.
    7. No one can attempt to disable your ui without a legit key. (if bruteforced or leaked. Please advise the Creator: RexmecK)
    8. The key receiver is soft installed to your char. for giving control to our product and nothing else is harmed or privacy harmed. we can't access them. only our switch on and off to the ui.
    9. Evading our key receiver agaisnt server owners is prohibited unless a reasonnable doubt for doing such.
    10. Mirroring or re-upload the mod to the publicity without permission to the author is disallowed.
    11. The item will be scanned on your hands and not supposed to scan others.

    - Starbound (1.2.2)
    - ManipulatedUI.pak (1.2.1 or probably above) (pak already included in zip)
    NOT WORKSHOP Manipulated UI DEPENDABLE! use the github version.
    - A character for modding

    - Go to /Starbound/mods/
    - Extract 'Rexmeck Item Editor.pak' from .zip to /Starbound/mods/
    - ???
    - Profit$$$

    - Reno : For the Recommended Regex
    - Silverfeelin : ManipulatedUI
    - 0x00FF00 : Cheerleading.
    - Xyendo : Advise master.
  • Q: Will it blend?
    A: Yes.

    Q: where can i get soem free pixels?
    A: Next to count, Put the amount you want. Next to count number box, type money then save.

    Q: My editor is not working!
    A: This may be a bug. Check your starbound.log for crashes.

Recent User Reviews

  1. Jungix
    "Cant find the manipulated UI on GitHub."
    Unable to use the code from github.
  2. QuantumCrab
    "Cant open..."
    I tried to open the editor, but, thats the thing. I dont know where the button is to open it. Beside that, it looks pretty good.
    PS: could someone tell me where the button is? I tried Matter Manipulator.
    1. R3E3
      Make sure you have properly installed the editor and the ManipulatedUI API. And this is not like a review, more like a type of help. Please discuss this in the discussion thread I'm more likely to help there.
  3. Lord Bobster
    "where is the button to open it"
    yea icant find the button to open it
    1. R3E3
      Matter Manipulator :D