Mod RemiTech V1.3.3 Customizable

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  • Hello, I made a new version of my mod.

    To install this mod, unzip/extract all the files and paste the RemiTech-1.3.3 folder into .../Starbound/mods folder. There are .txt files in the mod folder that explain how to use the mod. There are no new features of this mod that do not already exist in the previous version, the only difference is that this one stores the particle and projectile data in separate .json files outside of the Lua file. (This also means that the particles no longer shirt colors while hueshifting)​

    If you find any bugs please message me on ILB Discord, thanks.
    If you have any ideas for cool features to add to this mod, please message me on ILB Discord, thanks.

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  1. Seby-DC
    "GOOD MOD"
    Pros - Is really god mod , esy use , easy custom
    Cons - dont have
    its really good mod because its funny and you esy move for the map.
  2. eclipse 9
    "easy to use"
    easy to use! good job