Mod RemiTech - 1.3

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  1. AlbertsStuff
    "Not Super Specific"
    Pros - Pretty Good
    Cons - Wasnt Explaind Specific
    not specific
  2. Kurzon
    "Perfect for me"
    Pros - It's everything I like to do
    Easy to remember the binds
    Open Source, easy to edit
    Cons - Was hard to figure out for like the first minute, but everything after was great!
    Honestly, everything about this mod works great for me. I love the long range blink especially. It's well designed, and anything that may not work perfectly for me can be changed easily. Overall, I give it a 10/10
  3. KingCDG
    "Easy to modify and use"
    Pros - can be modified at the user's will and works amazing to get around easily.
    I love it because I could use it to get around very quickly, teleport, use it for rp, and in general is a great mod.
  4. woem
    its amazing
  5. Cubecreater
    "great, dont know how to use it"
    it all seems like it could be an rp dram come true, but there is one problem, and its me, not you or the mod.

    i do not know how to work it, or activate the different abilities, as in it says "special 1 *fill in black*." and due to my complete noob-ishness i cannot understand. whether the "specials" are different keys to press or whatever, i would like to understand how to use this mod. any help will be happily accepted with gift of in-game cookies! :3
  6. Yummy Potatoe
    "VeRi NiCe"
    Pros - -The basics you would need for RP
    -Grow etc useful for RP if i would need it.
    -Rainbows, a nice touch :3
    Cons - though i believe this is a great mod i also beleive you could have a txt file explaining what some perimeters do in the spikeball lua.
    silly children, (such as myself) do not have much of an understanding of lua. though this mod is beautiful, a simple explanatory guide maybe even with a few examples of the blink being modified, could really help people without understanding of lua. (like you did in your customize able blink mod). Remi to be fair i love your work, and you always seem to want to help the communities RP experience. Thanks for the mod Remi!

    srsly though i really need that txt file x'D
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  7. Aetheriant
    Pros - +Great utility for RP, mobility, or just messing around.
    +Bug-free so far.
    Cons - -Doesn't support animated particles like CustomizableBlink did.
    -Not as easy to modify as CustomizableBlink was.
    Overall, this is a very useful and well put together mod. I do hope to see some additions in the future though!
  8. Duckery Duck
    "Something's wrong"
    Well, I have some trouble trying to install the mod - I'm unsure, where to put files. If I just unpack the zip file into the mods folder - it just crashes my game, even without other mods installed. I don't really know, how and where to put the files otherwise
    So, I guess, I need some help with it
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  9. ikujuju
    "Anyway to disable particles or change color?"
    Despise the colors for the teleport, could you send me a lua file that has them off or invisible or something please!
    1. Remi
      In the spikesphere.lua file, delete lines 369 and 362, the ones that start with "world.spawnProjectile". Those lines are what spawn particles, so delete those lines to make the particles not show up.
  10. Torroblaze33
    umm i installed the mod and did everything i needed to but whenever i try to open the game with it on, the game instantly crashes, plz help me
    1. Remi
      Not sure why your game crashes, I just tested the mod for 1.3.1 and it works fine. Perhaps you have another mod interfering with mine, like something that uses the spikesphere tech or something else incompatible. Try temporarily uninstalling other mods and re-installing mine to see if that works. If not, I don't know why only you are having problems installing this mod.