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  1. AliceDaFox
    Awesome help to quickly make a nice outfit! :sparkling_heart:
  2. skeletor
    Cons - it's very hard
    Thanks to Silverfeelin for all of their tools, with them I've created a WW1 german soldier in Starbound! Take a look.
    (there s no my custom outfit ATM but the pistol and the pickelhaube are)
  3. Nettle Boy
    "I love this Outfit Generator!"
    Pros - Endless possibilities to sprite clothes! 8D
    Cons - Can't make up my mind on what i should sprite first. :/
    I like the hide character option. I could draw more interesting characters with this.
  4. Vagak
    "Amazing how well you can break Starbound."
    Pros - A perfect tool for allowing users to create custom outfits that can be seen on any server, modded or vanilla.
    Cons - Not great for those who have limited artistic talent. I wonder if someone could make a simple copy-pasting of various parts to use for this?
    Aside from what was mentioned in the pros and cons, not much to be said other than it fulfills its purpose that it was made for. A tool to create custom outfits with of any kind - it doesn't have to be humanoid. You could be a rabbit or something.

    If you can make pixels look good (or at the very least, copy and paste them) then you can surely work with this.

    I wonder if it's possible to modify a character's emotes and skins itself with this kind of program? Maybe we could achieve animated eyes and everything.
  5. KingCDG
    "IM A CAT NOW :D"
    Pros - awesome, looking cool, im super edgy looking now
    Cons - hard to find templates
    Can't stop looking nice with this mod, though hard to find templates that fit the size recquirements.
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  6. Aelois
    "Mhmmmm. Flavorful~"
    Pros - Minus said con, I'm having so much fun right now. Wew. Freedom. Everywhere. Over the oceans and across the lands. Epic scarf and tie fans rejoice; thine most desired wishes of unreal wind blowing physics will henceforth come tither thee!
    Cons - Those Arms. It's not so bad, but not being able to sprite those is just a small smidgen off it's splendid functionality.
    Great. Wondrous and all romantic praises behold this. A way to have it all working on vanilla multiplayer and look amazing (subjectively of course, I'm sure many of us fancy the idea of a rainbow tight suit with a most dashing Shawl of Elation to spread happiness and joy everywhere).

    The next level of Fashionbound folks!
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  7. Aka Rias
    "Awesome for custom animations IG"
    Pros - -Make custom animations or edit the frames of your character, literally the best
    Cons - -Cannot add frames directly
    I would recommend this to beginners <3 however doesn't work on Mac- but that can probably be fixed right? :d
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    1. Silverfeelin
      Does the tool not work using Mono? I don't believe I've used any APIs that are unsupported.
  8. Bonky Boy
    "I shat in my pants when I saw this"
    Pros - Oh well, I can make another one ;)
    Cons - Not enough sexy doornail pictures
    Sexy schmexy Dexy, I love this!!!
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  9. Umena
    Pros - Infinite possibilities, you draw it, you wear it.
    Much faster than making the item with frames manually.
    Cons - My hand hurts after drawing all the awesome frames.
    Ever since I started playing Starbound, I've always wanted to customize everything among my belongings. This included weapons, tech, scripts... and now, after many months of wondering how the hell could I make an easy to share, animated armor, here's the answer. Thank you for creating this fantastic tool which will no doubt be a huge success in the starbound community. I even made my own armor set already!
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  10. Max Bacon
    "I don't use pants!"
    But still nice.