Mod No More Player Glow

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  1. Archduke Seraph
    Pros - Very helpful for stealth (and avoiding conversation)
    Cons - I can't constantly see where I am while stalking Cenaria from the ground. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    It's nice. I like it. Gets rid of that obnoxious glow when you're busy watching the dealings of the RP hub.
  2. Mr. RedKnight
    "I'm not a fucking light bulb anymore."
    Pros - I don't glow like a radioactive plant.
    Cons - I can't spook people by saying I'm radioactive.
    Let's be honest here, this was necessary. It's great for roleplay, great for an immersive playthrough, it's just.. Great.
  3. iDemonSlayer
    "No More Player Glow good for game play"
    Pros - better then a invisible guy running around
    Cons - nonthing it works with lore you just need to use a Lighting pack so nonthing bad
    Explorer's_Lantern use this with the mod to give you a feel that you like in RP dark caves or other things