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    This mod was thought for roleplay purposes and casual gameplay. Playing survival/single player mode without particle effects or directive changes caused by status effects is not very practical. Consider not using this mod if playing through the story.

    If you do not have free time, skip the purple text:

    Ever felt terrified at the sight of red crosses emanating from your body after having breakfast?
    Ran out of pixels after visiting the psychiatrist to tell him the new armor suit you wear makes you sparkle for some reason?
    PTSD each time you phase into a different color when in a sandstorm?
    Tired of looking like a mentos inside of a glass of coca-cola, lost in a sea of particle effects?
    This mod is for you.

    This is a little and very, very simple mod I decided to finish and release. Its original purpose was to hide obnoxious particle effects coming from self-buffs, as I am quite the role player and having a bazillion particles emanating from my armor wasn't really a very immersive experience.

    This mod will change the following:

    - Particle effects generated from status effects (eg: buffs from your armor).

    - Directive changes (eg: becoming orange when on fire) caused by status effects.

    This mod will NOT:

    - Alter the way in which you see other players' particle effects or their directive changes caused by status effects (so you can still see what buffs other players have).
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Isbjörn
    Pros - +Less Lag
    +Sweden Suit can be fully shown without those annoying particles in the way.
    Cons - +Doesn't get rid of other particles. D:
    Lately I've been trying to optimize starbound. Ie mods like optimizebound etc. This helps with that.
  2. Jungix
    "amazing 10/10 ign would download again"
    Pros - amazing
    Cons - amazing
    didnt even download it
    still hecking cool
  3. Bonky Boy
    "I shat in my pants when I saw this"
    is a good mod