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    Be ready for bugs. I warn you: they'll be in the exe file, in the lua file, in your brains. Everywhere.
    Together we'll squish them! Probably...

    Special thanks to Silverfeelin for the first version and helping with creating this one. All hail Silver!

    LuAnimator v2.2 pre-release alpha beta alpha gamma

    0. NEWER! FORMS!
    LuAnimator now supports shape-shifting! Yay!
    You can see two new modes: Transform_Next and Transform_Previous. These are optional options (( :^) )) which will play when you change your current form. The number of forms IS UNLIMITED! Oh MY!

    1. New! SOUNDS!
    Now you are able to add some specific sounds for your animations for even better experience! For each state you can add a game sound, which will be played as soon as the state is running.

    Moreover, you can customize your sounds! Make them loop, set the interval, pitch and volume of each! Who knows how many new sounds you can come up with?!

    I. Usage

    1. Setting up

    Place the folder in your mods folder (/Starbound/mods). Navigate to Application, find LuAnimatorV2.exe file and run it. This window should appear:

    When you press the GENERATE button, save your file as "luanimation.json" instead of existing one. Congratz, you've done that part!

    2. In-game running

    Now go to Starbound, select your character and do the following:

    /enabletech luanimator

    Make sure you have /admin mode enabled first

    Now find the nearest tech console and in body section choose the LuAnimator tech. Voila!

    3. Controls

    Open your settings -> controls. Then find Special 2 and 3 at the very bottom. Bound them to controls you want to use (G and H are more preferable, here I'll use them exactly)
    Press "H" for one second to start / finish your animations

    Press "H W" to switch to your next form (if any)
    Press "H S" to switch to your previous form (if any)
    Press "G" to sit and stand up
  • Q: Doesn't work!
    A: Install it first

    Q: Installed!
    A: Install it properly!

    Q: Oh... It fixed the problem...
    A: Cheers!

    Q: Oh wait, it didn't!
    A: Thanks to Silverfeelin, "keybinds.lua" file cause errors if you have several of them. Search through your mods folder, find an old version and delete it ((not in my mod! I tell you, the one I placed is up-to-date!))

    Q: I found a bug!
    A: Geez, kill it! Tell me his coordinates, I'll launch a rocket there!

    Q: I have a suggestion!
    A: Go ahead! runs away and hides

    Q: Any limitations?
    A: Nothing is true everything is permitted!

    Rules are similar to Hatter: if you use too large frames with people around, you'll be kindly asked to stop it.
    Same with sounds.

    Q: I'm bored. Is it safe to uninstall?
    A: ;-;
    Almost. If you remove the mod, go to the nearest tech station and choose a vanilla tech. You'll be fine.

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