Mod Infinity Jumps

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  1. Oniugnip
    "Could Improve a bit"
    Pros - Easy to use
    Cons - Has a bit of room for improvement
    I really liked this, inspired me to make my own jump mod :D
    Basically, what I meant by improvement is that you altered the multijump tech. The multijump jumps are too brief and small, imo, and improving the Pulse Jump itself would have been better. Still thought, simple, but good I guess!
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    1. Kurzon
      I kept it small because they're unlimited, so making long jumps for me was less necessary than precise jumps :D
  2. Deatho
    "Kek mod"
    Pros - Infinite jumps only send you to space and beyond!
    Cons - Memes
    what a lovely mod to jump away from people
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    1. Kurzon
  3. Kurzon
    "It's terrible"
    Pros - Yeah, I guess it lets you jump for an infinite amount of times.
    Cons - I'm addicted to jumping, and now I have spent over $25,000 to try and find a cure for this addiction.
    You're a disgrace to everything ever, OP.
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