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  1. Earthquake
    Ignore your antivirus, this thing is 10/10. Works perfectly with 1.0 mechanics.
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  2. FloweyTheFlower
    "Amazing for Starbound"
    Pros - You
    You can create your own items, who wouldn't want this!
  3. UmbraCorporation
    "Custom Items? Who dosen't want this!?"
    Pros - This program, when used in tandem with StarCheat, allows the creation of custom items. The UI is easy on the eyes and contains an interactable preview for your drawable.
    Cons - The Fire Position calculation is off by about 6 pixels on the X-axis and 2 to 3 pixels on the Y-axis.
    All in all, this is a crucial tool for anyone that want's to try modding.

    Quick Tip:
    • Never use a .jpeg as the image!
    1. Silverfeelin
      I think it was the Avian blaster I used to get the fire position and offsets pixel perfect. Are you using the latest version of the tool?