Mod Aurora's SB 1.3 Mod

Average User Rating:
  1. TheNobleCoffeeBean
    "Very Useful Tool"
    Pros - Easy to use
    Not much to be said. This makes sitting wherever you want a breeze.
  2. Kolintei
    Pros - I Love The Features, The Mod Is Great.
    Cons - I Only Have A Special 2 And 3, Making Certain Actions Such As NoClip Inaccessible.
    The Features Are Great, I Love How I Can Rotate My Body And Such, I Appreciate The Work Put Into This Mod
    1. IHazBagels
      Special 1 is also known as Activate Head Tech.
  3. specail1nitrogen
    "still a new fantastic stuff"
    Pros - great
    Cons - none existance
    great didnt tough it would die easily
  4. Dowan
    "is good"
    Pros - lotsa more shit
    Cons - complicated and less natural controls
    good but not as good as apple's roleplay tech
  5. Sock_Bunny
    Pros - Everything
    Cons - Nothing
    Amazing, helpful mod!