Mod Aurora's SB 1.3 Mod

Average User Rating:
  1. Exo_Cell
    Pros - Amazing and well scripted mod.
    Cons - I can't scale,sit,or rotate myself. Anybody know why?
    I'm confused about the controls.
    1. IHazBagels
      Read the section regarding the keybinds and the control setup of the mod description.
  2. Samara Lafayette
    "Amazeballs... super legit tho"
    Pros - everything you could wish or hope for
    Cons - literally nothing
    went into it w/out any expectations. came out of it with utter happiness. its super streamlined and easy to use. yet another amazing mod by Aurora
  3. TheNobleCoffeeBean
    "Very Useful Tool"
    Pros - Easy to use
    Not much to be said. This makes sitting wherever you want a breeze.
  4. Kolintei
    Pros - I Love The Features, The Mod Is Great.
    Cons - I Only Have A Special 2 And 3, Making Certain Actions Such As NoClip Inaccessible.
    The Features Are Great, I Love How I Can Rotate My Body And Such, I Appreciate The Work Put Into This Mod
    1. IHazBagels
      Special 1 is also known as Activate Head Tech.
  5. specail1nitrogen
    "still a new fantastic stuff"
    Pros - great
    Cons - none existance
    great didnt tough it would die easily
  6. Dowan
    "is good"
    Pros - lotsa more shit
    Cons - complicated and less natural controls
    good but not as good as apple's roleplay tech
  7. Sock_Bunny
    Pros - Everything
    Cons - Nothing
    Amazing, helpful mod!