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  • Read everything carefully, please!
    This mod is for the 1.2 version of Starbound.
    This mod works off of the distortion ball tech acquired from the outpost.

    The mod includes the following functions:
    -Target Blink

    The keybindings for the functions are:
    'Special 1 + jump' to reset scaling/rotation and use the distortion ball.
    'Special 1 + up' to toggle no-clip.
    'Special 1 + down' to target blink.
    'Special 2' to sit or stand (tap to toggle).
    *During sit you can move your position like you normally would.
    'Special 3 + up/down' to scale player size.
    'Special 3 + left/right' to rotate.

    Note: While in no-clip mode, you can hold the 'walk' button to slow your no-clip to about half of the normal speed.

    Also, Animated Mugs are included in the mod. However, it requires a bit of modding knowledge to create one. The detailed instructions are in the mod file named: "MugSpawn.txt"

    For those of you that don't know how to use lua, you can spawn in a normal mug by going into single player and typing /admin. Once you're in admin mode, go to the hand crafting and the mug will be there.
    Note: this is a scripted item do not drop this on anyone without the mod!

    Please note that the function keys for the Special 2 and Special 3 were removed in Starbound 1.0 so I made a patch to implement the bindings back in. You need to rebind the keys before trying to use the functions. Go to the control menu and at the bottom of the player menu the keybindings will be found there.
    Also, Special 1 == ActivateHeadTech!

    Along with the tech functions, it also includes retextures for the human eyes. I believe the name of the texture mod was Ningen Human Replacer.
    If you want to recolor you character's eyes add these directives to your character's bodydirectives in StarCheat:
    648C78=NewColor 78A08C=NewColor
    506464=NewColor 3C5000=NewColor

    If you want to remove the retexture, read the section in the FAQ for instructions.

    Also, the blink is customizable if you are able to write LUA. :closedeyesmile:
    I have made the function that spawns the animated particles very easy to locate.
    However if you do not know how to read/write LUA, I suggest not trying to edit the function.

    Warning: If you make a custom animation and are told by a staff member that your blink is too laggy for others.
    Please listen and adjust the animation spawned to be considerate of other players.

    I will likely be adding more functions to the mod so, suggestions are always welcome. Also, if any bugs or issues pop up while using the mod, please inform me of the issue.
  • 1) Mod isn't working?
    a. Check to see if you have the mod installed in the proper folders.
    b. Do you have the distortion sphere tech equipped?

    2) Did you set the keybindings?
    Go to your control menu in the player section and check at the bottom of the menu to see if the Special 2 and 3 keys are binded to G and H.

    3 ) You want to remove the retexture?
    a. Go into the mod folder.
    b. Find the folder named 'humanoid' and delete it.
    c. This should remove the retexture.

    4) You want help customizing the target blink animation but do not know how to?
    Find a friend willing to help you with it or ask around for help. There is also a modding group that you could join and ask questions in for some help.
    (Note: do not harass people with endless questions! If someone says they are busy, respect that and leave them alone.)
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Davea
    "Its ok"
    Pros - It's nice how you said about what to do and what not to do
    Cons - You can't download it right away :/
    Basically, I'm lazy to do a lot of things and I only wanted to get this mod.
    1. IHazBagels
      You're looking at the wrong mod, the Aurora's Custom Items has the limitation.
      Not this one. It's free to download for anyone.
  2. KingCDG
    "GR8 but..."
    Pros - -everything works fine
    Cons - -the resize and rotate keybinds we set it at are together
    Great, everything worked but, the resize and rotate work as the same keybinds when we change it and they are not two separate things so when I want to resize I'm rolling around while resizing.
    Please tell me if there is some way to fix this or if I'm just wrong about something.
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    1. IHazBagels
      It's Special 3 and Up/Down to scale.
      Special 3 and right/left to rotate
  3. Max Bacon
    "Now i can clip away from stalkers"
    With Bagels mod, i no longer have the issue of being stalked by a mob of hungry people every time I join the server, being able to clip away and hide where safe. :3
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