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Roleplay Groups of iLoveBacons

Most Members

  1. The Syndicates
    41 members, 2.5K views.
  2. Crescent Knights
    19 members, 3.1K views.
  3. Cultivator’s Order
    15 members, 648 views.
  4. Blue Bloods
    13 members, 1.5K views.
  5. Steel Syndicate
    13 members, 504 views.

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We are the new space pirate's republic.
our mission is to become the best empire.
"Viva les Teutoniques et l'impératrice!"
Official RP Faction Clan: Steel Syndicate
Justice for the people! Freedom for everyone!
Official RP Faction Clan: Cultivator’s Order
We sacrafice our lives and everything to save all civilians.

public Blue Bloods

Anti USCM, Anti Demon, Anti MiniKnog
Th' Lib'rators of th' Asterrus Cluster
New Glory, New Kinship, New Prussia!
Come to the Grand Hotel Davidfornia!