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Roleplay Groups of iLoveBacons

Most Members

  1. The Syndicates
    42 members, 2.8K views.
  2. Crescent Knights
    19 members, 3.2K views.
  3. Cultivator’s Order
    15 members, 845 views.
  4. Pirate's Republic
    14 members, 409 views.
  5. Blue Bloods
    13 members, 1.7K views.

Recent Threads

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    Markus replied, Oct 5, 2017
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    robert0078 replied, Sep 7, 2017

Trending Threads

Official RP Faction Clan: Steel Syndicate
We are the new space pirate's republic.
Justice for the people! Freedom for everyone!
Th' Lib'rators of th' Asterrus Cluster

public Blue Bloods

Anti USCM, Anti Demon, Anti MiniKnog
Official RP Faction Clan: Cultivator’s Order
We sacrafice our lives and everything to save all civilians.
Come to the Grand Hotel Davidfornia!
A deadly mercenary group, headed by Flint the bounty hunter.