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Information - iLoveBacons Roleplay

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The official white-listed roleplay of ILB
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Oct 27, 2016
ILB Official RP
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Currently under construction.


iLB RP Hub Rules

  1. Consider the strengths and limitations of your character set forth by the Starbound universe. Do their desired skills fit in with the game’s lore? In addition; take into consideration the weaknesses of your character to balance them out. Avoid overpowered characters. Magic, Ki and the Supernatural are forbidden as there is no game-lore that supports the existence of these elements.

  2. Do not Power-Game, Meta-Game or God Mode - that is; do not give your character world breaking abilities or equipment nor take Out of Character information, or information you obtained through means other than Role-Play and apply it In-Character.

  3. Only use approved races. Custom races are accepted but there is an approval process for them. The community may suggest concepts for races to be added but the lore and other details are to be decided upon by the Role-Play staff based off the suggestions provided to them, should they decide that the ideas presented to them would benefit the game world.

  4. If you engage in combat not only are you offering combat consent but, should the nature of the combat takes a turn for the worse, you are also giving consent to the chance of fatal or crippling injury and to the potential death of your character.
    Should a character be attacked but does not fight back, consent to death/fatal injury is not given, however the character is still subject to the chance of crippling injury.

  5. If your character dies and there is no reasonable way to bring them back they are to remain dead. No reincarnation, no resurrection or any other manner of bringing your character back.

  6. Until you establish yourself through Role-Play and/or with the permission of the Role-Play staff, do not role-play a position of authority or someone with heavy influence on the game-world.

  7. When speaking Out of Character, please utilize Mun Bubbles ((Brackets)) to signify that you are speaking as the Mun behind the character. Likewise please refrain from excessive use of Out of Character in the Role-Play hubs, keep OoC talk to a minimum so not to fill chat and disrupt others who may be Role-Playing.

Failure to adhere to these RP Rules in the provided official RP Hubs may result in administrative action, such as your ability to access the hub being revoked. Any player found purposely bypassing the white-list and breaking RP Rules is subject to further administrative action.
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