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List of all social groups at iLoveBacons.

Most Members

  1. ILB Modding Group
    72 members, 6.5K views.
  2. Kamin's College of Wizardry
    55 members, 911 views.
  3. Matt's Harem
    50 members, 3.3K views.
  4. SPIRE
    44 members, 2.2K views.
  5. The Syndicates
    41 members, 2.5K views.

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public SPIRE

"Keeping relative peace among others"

public Matt's Harem

All of mattkind, standing together, as one.
Justice for the people! Freedom for everyone!
Official RP Faction Clan: Cultivator’s Order
We sacrafice our lives and everything to save all civilians.
A group of people that make/collect custom items
We aren't Mercenaries; We're leaders of our own.
Official RP Faction Clan: Steel Syndicate