Donation Campaigns

  1. ILB Monthly Server Bill

    Greetings, we are asking for $90 for paying the server monthly bills (60$) + community licensing renewal fees. This Maintains: Starbound Server, ECO Server, the Website and our services.
    $90.00 (30 days remaining)
  2. New Chat System

    Hello Bacons, as you may have noticed, our chat system is down. We are in need of setup a new one, one addon that gives us more flexibility to setup a chat system that avoids the current problems we had on the old one. Check the thread on the official news forum for all the info. (WIP)
  3. Server Update Opportunity!

    We are reducing the cost of our monthly server by 25$ a month, from 990$ a year to 660$. However, for that to happen, we need at least 50$ by the 25th so we can make use of the opportunity. This keeps our machine specs that runs on an Intel i7-920 with 32 GB RAM
    $50.00 (addm_campaign_over)
  4. Other Donations

    Global Archive of donations outside the current goals, to date.